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Nail Conditions

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Healthy toenails are smooth, free of ridges and grooves, and have a consistent pinkish color throughout the nail. Toenail conditions can range from cosmetic problems, such as discoloration, to painful problems including ingrown toenails and trauma caused by hitting or dropping something on the toe.

When evaluating a patient’s toenails, there are five main parts of the toenail our podiatrists will examine.

  • Nail Plate (the nail itself)
  • Nail Bed
  • Nail Root
  • Cuticle
  • Perioncyhium (the skin that overlies the nail plate at its sides)

However, each patient seen here at Gulf South Foot & Ankle will receive a full podiatric evaluation of the entire foot including specific testing to rule out any other potential areas of concern. Research shows that the average toenail grows at a rate of 1mm per month and takes approximately 12-18 months to completely re-grow.  Due to this fact, our podiatrists take great care to treat all nail conditions with the greatest amount of efficiency to obtain the quickest possible results. Some of the toenail conditions treated here at Gulf South Foot & Ankle include:

Our goal is to educate our patients on the importance of regularly inspecting their feet to spot any areas of concern and reporting any problems to their podiatrists quickly to ensure the proper treatment is initiated in a timely manner.