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Wound Healing Awareness Month!

June is recognized as Wound Healing Awareness Month! This is the perfect opportunity to recognize the wounds people deal with daily.

Wound care can mean many different things. Podiatrist deal with all kinda of wounds daily, such as Trauma Wounds, Diabetic Wounds, Arterial Wounds, Venous Wounds, and Pressure Wounds.

If you have diabetes, peripheral or diabetic neuropathy, could have an effect on your ability to know if a foot injury has happened. Ulcers or wounds are very common on the soles of the feet and occur in about 15% of people struggling with diabetes. This is a result of poor circulation, friction or the pressure of shoes not fitting correctly.

If you are notice any redness, swelling or soreness on or around your feet, do not assume foot discomfort is normal and seek a podiatrist opinion. You can book an appointment with us and we will help determine the best treatment for your wound.

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