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Why You Can’t Wait for Turf Toe Care

No one likes to wait, unless they are actually putting off something unpleasant. People are willing to wait for ice cream, the next Star Wars film, and anything else exciting, even if they don’t want to be patient. Waiting for something unpleasant, though, is different. You don’t rush to be first in line for the dentist’s office, or even to take care of a serious sports injury.

Most people, in fact, choose to wait too long before getting help. For an injury like turf toe, however, you really can’t put off treatment. Treating turf toe needs to happen right away to prevent complications from the damage.

Turf toe is a sprain in your biggest digit. It develops when your big toe suddenly gets jammed or hyperextended backward. It’s particularly common among athletes, especially if they play on artificial turf, which is where the condition gets its name. Like other types of sprains, the tissues supporting your big toe get over-stretched and pinched, or possibly torn. Also like other sprains, this injury doesn’t heal on its own.

In fact, turf toe typically gets worse, rather than better, if it goes untreated. Your big toe is crucial for ordinary walking, much less running, jumping, or otherwise using your feet for activities. With its supporting tissues painfully injured, your big toe can’t push off the ground as powerfully to help you move. Worse, continuing to use your injured foot can slow or prevent its healing.

If you don’t begin turf toe treatment early, you risk a number of complications developing in your toe. You may develop chronic stiffness and pain. The supporting tissues like your ligaments may not heal correctly, leading to long-term weakness that makes walking or returning to sports more difficult. You may be more prone to bunions and arthritis as well.

Treating turf toe immediately allows you to help your body deal with the damage quickly and restore it more effectively to full strength and health. If you’re waiting to look into turf toe treatment because you’re hoping it will get better on its own, don’t put it off any longer. Let the Gulf South Foot & Ankle, LLC team help you heal. Make an appointment online, or call our Metairie, LA, office at (504) 708-4810 to take care of your big toe today.

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