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What is a Podiatrist?

A Podiatrist is a foot and ankle specialist. This type of doctor treats conditions of the foot and ankle that range from ingrown toenails to more complex injuries such as ankle fractures. The podiatrist can also play an integral part of the health care team for diabetic patients, geriatric patients and patients that suffer from peripheral vascular disease. The medical education of a podiatrist is four years of podiatric medical school after college, followed by a three-year surgical residency. Therefore, it is a total of seven years of medical education and training after college.

There are many foot and ankle conditions that a podiatrist is in some ways a dermatologist, neurologist, endocrinologist and orthopedist. We treat conditions that affect the skin, nerves, affects of diabetes on the feet, bone issues and traumas of the foot and ankle.

There are many conservative and surgical options for people with foot and ankle issues. The podiatrist can address both treatment options. We also treat a range of patient population. We treat children, young adults, middle age adults and geriatrics. If there is any issue with the foot and ankle we can properly evaluate the patient and give proper treatment recommendations.

Call today for an appointment with your podiatrist for any foot or ankle issues you may be suffering from and let him or her get you back on your feet.

Dr. Charles Caplis

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