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Top Tips to Prevent Bursitis Pain

Winters in Metairie, LA, are generally mild. Temperatures can fluctuate up and down, but in general, the days hover in the 60s, even in January. This makes it much easier to be active and enjoy the outdoors. Without icy weather forcing people to take breaks, though, it can also be easier to develop overuse injuries, like bursitis in your feet. Part of staying healthy and active year-round means using preventative measures to avoid painful overuse injuries like this one.

Preventative health is much better for your body and your life overall than reacting to each problem after it appears—or after deteriorates until you can’t ignore it any more. Preventing bursitis isn’t as hard as you might think, either. There are some simple ways to protect the bursa and keep your feet strong. Here are some of the top tips to avoid inflammation and irritation in your joints:

  1. Pad it – Use pads to cushion joints that are under a lot of stress. For the feet, this typically means under the ball of the foot and on the back of the heel.

  2. Take a rest – Give your feet time to recuperate. Take breaks from standing and add “rest days” into any workouts or athletic routines.

  3. Stretch – Tight tendons pinch a bursa. Stretch your feet regularly, particularly focusing on the Achilles.

  4. Warm up properly – Always make sure you warm up before activities so your feet are prepared to handle strain.

  5. Wear the right shoes – The right shoes support your feet and alleviate pressure on them.

The more you do now to protect your joints, the more likely you’ll succeed in preventing bursitis and its painful side effects. Don’t wait until you’re suffering aches and pains to get help for your foot health. Our team at Gulf South Foot & Ankle in Metairie, LA, believes in conservative care and avoiding unnecessary pain. Let us help you avoid bursitis and manage your foot care. You can make an appointment with us online or by calling directly at (504) 708-4810.

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