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Top Remedies for Itchy Feet

Spring is a season of birth and new growth. Flowers flourish and the birds that came here to escape the winter snows start heading back to their northern homes for the hot summer.

People start shedding their coats and winter clothes and shoes, too. Unfortunately, unpleasant things can flourish this time of year as well, especially if you’ve been wearing the same pair of shoes or boots all winter. Itchy feet from foot fungus—which can thrive in the warm shoes people typically wear in the winter—is a common problem. The good news is that there are ways you can eliminate the itch and restore your skin.

Foot fungus is also known as athlete’s foot. It’s a microscopic pathogen that grows and thrives on the lower limbs when they are warm, damp, and enclosed in footwear most of the time. It makes your skin burn, peel, flake, and of course, itch. Scratching the uncomfortable spots doesn’t help the discomfort, though, and could actually spread the infection around your foot and to your fingers. Some basic care, however, can eliminate the problem and get your feet back to their normal, itch-free selves!

Here are a few steps to remedy your itchy feet:

  1. Wash your feet – Use mild soap to wash off old dirt, grime, and flaking skin every day. Then completely dry your skin to minimize the fungus-friendly environment.

  2. Apply antifungals – Use over-the-counter sprays, creams, ointments, or gels on your feet once they are clean. Add powders or sprays to your shoes, too, to help eliminate the fungus festering there.

  3. Use clean footwear – Change your socks to clean, moisture-wicking pairs every day. If you can, wash your shoes periodically, too.

  4. Alternate breathable shoes – Don’t wear the same pair of shoes every day. Rotate through a couple of pairs made from breathable materials so each has time to dry out between uses.

It will take a little time to clear up your foot fungus, but the right treatments should easily eliminate your itchy feet. If your feet aren’t responding to normal, conservative care, you may need stronger antifungal medication. Let our team at Gulf South Foot & Ankle, LLC help you ditch the itch. Call (504)-708-4810 to make an appointment at our Metairie, LA office.

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