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The Truth about Flip Flops Causing Bunions

Memorial Day is roughly a month away. If you’re planning to do any traveling or fun activities during your extended weekend, you may be digging around in your closet for your favorite sandals—if they aren’t being used already, of course. Warm weather and the impending vacation season tends to bring out the ever-popular flip flops. However, you may have heard a rumor about flip flops causing bunions and wondered if that means the end of wearing your favorite footgear.

The simple truth is this: shoes do not cause bunions. Before you rush off and buy a dozen pairs of cheap flip flops, however, you should know that, while footwear doesn’t cause bunions, it certainly exacerbates them. What you wear does affect your feet and your comfort.

Bunions are caused by a biomechanical problem that’s usually inherited. Heavy pressure on your joint allows your big toe to displace and create a bunion near the area. Typically, shoes help support your arch and prevent too much pressure from landing on the ball of the foot.

Flip flops, however, have absolutely no support through the midfoot. They also have minimal padding and encourage your toes to grip downward to hold the sandal on your foot more tightly. Without any extra stabilization, your foot may overpronate, straining the forefoot and worsening any bunion or pre-bunion problem you have.

As you make plans for your extended weekend, whether you go somewhere or you enjoy a little “stay-cation” here in Metairie, consider trading in your flimsy sandals for models with an arch and a little more support. Even though the rumor about flip flops causing bunions isn’t strictly true, it does reveal the fact that your footwear can make a difference in your lower limb health.

Contact Gulf South Foot & Ankle, LLC here in Metairie for an appointment or for more information to help you deal with any bunion pain you have. Don’t wait until you can hardly walk to have the condition treated. Call (504)-708-4810 or use our website contact page to reach us.

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