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The Importance of Socks in The Fall

It may be a “fake fall” but the air has a crisp feeling. Fall is coming with its brisk breezes and cool weather. New seasons call for new foot care routines. Cold weather can do a number on your feet.

Socks are helpful for your feet, especially in the colder months. Socks absorb moisture and prevent rubbing. Although shoes protect your feet, they can also be harsh. Adding another layer provides cushioning to keep your feet nice and comfortable.

“I like being barefoot”

We all do from time to time! That’s ok! Going sockless, however, can result in blisters, cuts, sores, odors, and even infections like athlete’s foot.

Blisters, cuts, scrapes, oh my!

Irritations like blisters and cuts on your feet can get infected and cause more serious conditions. Socks block the feet from rough surfaces to prevent wear and tear. That added layer also keeps any cuts or scrapes dryer and cleaner, which prevents infection.

Anyone else have sweaty feet?

It’s ok. We can admit that our feet can get a little damp and clammy from time to time. That’s normal, but if it continues for too long, our feet can develop an odor that lingers and smells pretty gross.

Feet produce around 10 to 15 gallons of sweat per foot per year. This moisture creates friction which can cause blisters. Socks prevent extra moisture and wick away any sweat that develops throughout the day. Basically, wearing socks equals no more smelly feet!

Socks can assist in medical treatment

Certain medical conditions can cause swelling of the joints. Special socks exist to cut down on the fluid build-up. The socks, sometimes called compression stockings, apply pressure to the area to assist blood flow throughout the legs and feet.

Socks are always a good idea, but especially in the colder months. Keep your feet happy by keeping them warm and dry in some cozy socks. The cold weather causes dryness and cracking so try putting lotion on your feet and some nice clean socks to give your feet a treat this fall.

As always, if you have any foot or ankle-related problems, come see us at Gulf South Foot and Ankle! We literally get you back on your feet!

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