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The Challenge of Wart Treatment: Which Works for You

Sometimes it’s nice for a change of pace that challenges your brain and your senses. The Clue Carre is a live escape game in New Orleans—you have to follow the clues to escape the room where you’re trapped in 60 minutes or you’re done. The game is tough; not everyone finishes. That, however, is part of what makes it fun. Being difficult doesn’t make something less worthwhile. The same is true of treating certain foot conditions, like warts. Wart treatment is tough and takes time, but worth it in the end.

Remember, “difficult” isn’t “impossible.” The key is that the virus causing the little infection has to be eradicated, not just the bump. You have many different options for making that happen, ranging from home remedies to over-the-counter options to prescriptions.

Home Remedies: Home remedies can vary widely. Most are based in old wives’ tales and don’t have research to back them up. Yet people still use them—and in some cases, swear by their effectiveness. Things like soaking the wart in vinegar and rubbing it with various natural oils fall into this category. The most effective one involves duct tape. Keep your wart covered constantly with a strip of duct tape. Every week or so, soak your foot and remove layers of the wart with a disposable emery board.

Nonprescription Methods: Over-the-counter wart treatment methods are usually more effective at eliminating the unwanted growth. Low doses of salicylic acid is the most common option. This peeling medication slowly removes the layers of the wart. Another is nonprescription freezing medication. This freezes the top layers of infected tissue so they fall off.

Prescription Treatments: Prescription options are more helpful for stubborn growths. Prescription-strength salicylic acid is much stronger, though it works the same way by removing layers of the wart a bit at a time. There are also more powerful ways to freeze a wart. Liquid nitrogen damages the bump more deeply so more of it peels off.

You do have many ways of taking care of your warts, though some are more effective than others. The only thing that won’t help your bump get better more quickly is ignoring it. Let our team at Gulf South Foot & Ankle, LLC help you figure out the best method for eliminating the warty growths on your feet. Just call (504) 708-4810 or use our online request forms to reach us for an appointment today.

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