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The Best Time for Laser Nail Fungus Treatment

Summertime can be especially miserable for those with nail fungus. When the sun and humidity turn Louisiana into a sauna, you’re left with a miserable choice: hide your toes behind sweaty closed-toed shoes, or bust out the sandals and risk the embarrassment.

Now that winter has returned, the milder temperatures mean you no longer have to look at those sandals with the same sense of desperation. But don’t let that lull you into a sense of complacency! If you want to have your feet ready for the world by the time springtime starts making the heat unbearable, you have no time to lose!

The unfortunate truth is that, no matter how you treat your fungal nails, the full benefits of treatment take time to arrive. Thankfully, that’s not to say there isn’t some good news, too. Laser therapy has made the treatment process itself quicker, easier, safer, and more effective than ever before. It only requires a few minutes of treatment per affected toe, and in most cases three monthly treatments are all you need to kill the fungus. Compared to laser treatment, the “old-school” strategy of daily medications and antifungals with bad side effects seem like the stone age!

But either way, there’s an unavoidable limiting factor. You can kill the fungus, but that doesn’t mean the evidence of their presence will disappear so quickly. If your toe has been badly discolored, warped, or deformed as a result of your infection, you’ll still have to wait for the new, healthy, clear nail to grow in and replace it. Depending how quickly your nails grow, it could take six months or longer for the full benefit of treatment to reveal itself.

In other words … don’t wait! If you have a fungal nail infection, give yourself an early Christmas present and book an appointment with Gulf South Foot & Ankle for our advanced laser treatment. Contact our Metairie office at (504) 708-4810, or Covington at (985) 809-1464.

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