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Surgery Aftercare (and Why It Matters)

It’s not often talked about, but here’s something to ponder about surgical treatment: the skill of the surgeon is only half the equation. While Gulf South Foot & Ankle provides the highest standard of surgical care you can find in Greater New Orleans, the best outcomes also require patients who are committed to post-operative care. How you take care of your feet in the days and weeks after surgery can make a big difference in both your day-to-day pain levels, as well as how quickly you recover overall.

In the short-term—the first hours to days after surgery—you’ll want to make sure you take your pain medication before any anesthetic or nerve blocks wear off. Keep weight off your foot as much as possible, elevate it when you can, and use ice to help you manage swelling.

Bathing may be a challenge, especially before the stitches come out and you need to keep the surgical site dry. Your foot will need a waterproof container, and we also highly recommend a shower stool and grab bars in order to avoid putting weight on your foot and prevent falls.

Every surgery is different, and our doctors will be sure to provide you with a timetable for recovery, along with detailed instructions for what kinds of activities you should perform, may perform, and can’t perform while you recuperate. Most surgeries will require 2-4 weeks of no weight bearing, followed by a gradual return to regular shoes and light activity. That said, even if you have been cleared for some weight bearing, the more you can avoid the surgical site, rest and let yourself heal, the better the outcome will be. We will provide walking boots, crutches, or other tools you may need to help you get around at different stages of your recovery.

While surgery aftercare takes time and patience, in the long run, following all your doctor’s instructions and paying careful attention to your recovery needs will help you achieve lasting health and pain relief in the minimum amount of time. You’ll also need an experienced surgeon, which is where we come in. To schedule an appointment at our office in Metairie, LA, request an appointment online or give us a call at 504-708-4810.

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