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Straightening Out Those Curved Toenails

As of March 20, spring is officially here! The seasonal equinox has passed, meaning that we will now have more daylight than darkness each day. Daylight savings is already in effect, capitalizing on the evening light even more. Spring also signals sandal season—but if you have uncomfortable and embarrassingly curved toenails, you may not be looking forward to showing off your toes in open shoes.

Curved toenails like pincer nails can be hard to treat. Ingrown toenail- type procedures to cut away the painful curved portions work well, but leave small, stubby sections of tissue behind that can be somewhat unsightly. For a long time, however, there hasn’t been another way to straighten the tissue. Fortunately, real correction now exists. The KD Device works to fix the curve at the nail root. If you can straighten the hard tissue there, the whole nail will stay the right shape as it continues to grow.

The KD Device doesn’t cause any damage to the matrix or nail bed, and doesn’t have to stay on your toe permanently. After just a few weeks of the little splint holding your keratin tissues in the correct shape, the tissue grows enough that the device can be removed. The whole process is simple and can change embarrassing, painful nails into straight ones.

Don’t put off dealing with your curved toenails. The curl tends to only get worse with time. Contact Gulf South Foot & Ankle, LLC in Metairie for an appointment or more information to see how the KD Device could help your toes. Fill out the website contact form or call (504)-708-4810 to reach us.

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