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Spring is in the air!

Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow this year so an early spring is the forecast.  As the season approaches, we begin to see some of nature’s growth.  Green stems are sprouting up above the soil, buds are forming, and tree limbs are holding leaves.  Our days will be brighter and we’ll “spring forward” on March 13th in observance of Daylight Saving Time.

It’s easy to see this fresh, new growth in our outer surroundings, but keep an eye out for the growth that is sprouting right inside our very own homes.  This inevitable growth is that of our children!

Our days get longer and more active as our little ones get taller and stronger.  What happened to those infants?!

Daycare will become preschool and preschool will lead to kindergarten graduation.  Next stop:  the teenage years; driving, and high school diplomas.   Oh let’s not forget the “boy” and “girl” friends!  On to college they go and BAM! the adult years are here.

We cannot stop the clock nor should we; growth is a beautiful thing.  Just remember to stop and smell the roses, or hold the hands, or kiss the cheeks along the way.

The bottom line is to enjoy your time with your little ones and make it count.

Don’t blink!

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