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School is here…

Hard to believe Summer is over and the kids are going back to school and many adults back to work.  The time flies when you are having fun😊.

Many of us will have new routines in the morning and evening with increased activities to and from school and after school.  Many parents, including myself, Dr. Caplis; will also be coaching soccer for my son’s team.  Therefore, it is easy for us to ignore the new simple “aches and pains” one may feel. Yet, we must listen to our body and get the proper medical attention we need when we have these “aches and pains”.

Our feet are often ignored until we are truly in pain and nothing is helping then we seek medical advice. However, by giving your feet some much needed TLC and seeing a medical professional can help to reduce and even eliminate simple issues before they turn into chronic pain requiring surgical intervention versus conservative care.

With that being said be careful out there and do not be a weekend warrior with your child during this new school year. Listen to your body and most importantly have fun with your kids! Also, we can only hope for some cooler weather soon here in the South.

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