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Pointed Toe Shoes – Friend or Foe?

Style expert, Lillian Vazquez, has recently introduced a few fall fashions on the Today Show.  One of the latest fashion trends is the cropped flare jeans worn with pointy flats.  The style looks nice and comfortable, but if you experience toe pain while rocking these pointed toe shoes, you may have a bunion.

A bunion is a bump or swelling at the base of the big toe. It is formed when the bone or tissue at the big toe joint moves out of place.

Bunions are hereditary, so those with family members who have them are more likely to develop them. If these “bumps” are in your genes, wearing pointed toe shoes can cause you to develop a bunion faster.  This stylish shoe may cause your toes to be squeezed together and aggravate a bunion-prone foot.

If you do notice a bump, redness, or swelling at the inside base of your big toe you may have or be forming a bunion. There are many treatment options available to fight this culprit.  Contact our office for an evaluation.

Let us help you rock the fall fashion pain-free!

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