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Oh My Bunion!

Are your shoes creating constant irritation and pain for your bunions? Improper footwear is the number one reason why bunions develop in the first place. Footwear can also cause the condition to worsen as the bunion grows bigger and more painful. When the bone deformity, which occurs when the bone below the big toe becomes displaced, pushes against the side of shoes that aren’t properly fit, inflammation and extreme pain will always result.

So how can you save yourself some bunion pain when it comes to your choice of footwear?

The podiatrists at Gulf South Foot & Ankle provide the following tips to follow during your next shoe shopping excursion to help prevent irritation to your bunions.

  1. Give your feet some room. When it comes to any pair of shoes, make sure the toe box is roomy to provide enough spacing between your bunion and the inside of the shoe. Consider seeking help from a shoemaker who can stretch the area around your bunion to allow for more room and comfort.

  2. Avoid high heels. Although heels are a favorite fashionable shoe choice for women, they will only cause your bunions to worsen due to narrow toe boxes and extra pressure that is put on your toes. You want to make sure your footwear allows your weight to be distributed evenly across your foot to ensure the proper position while walking.

  3. Look for added support. There are many over-the-counter foot solutions to help alleviate bunion pain while providing your feet the support they need. Arch supports, gel toe caps, or bunion splints are all helpful devices that can be used to provide comfort and protection. Custom made orthotic inserts can be specifically made to fit your feet at our office, which will ensure the right amount of cushioning around the bunion area.

You can be a smart shopper for your bunions by following the above footwear tips. If you’ve been experiencing chronic bunion pain, please set up an appointment to visit one of our podiatrists. Bunions are a common foot complication that if left untreated, can lead to worse conditions such as arthritis or bursitis. Our podiatrists can evaluate and prescribe the right form of treatment for your bunions so you can regain health and pain-free feet once again!

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