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Noticing More Corns and Blisters This Summer?

Summertime is very common for more corns and blisters to show up on your feet. Going barefoot, unsupported shoes (such as flip-flops), sunburned feet and the heat are all major things that will cause corns and blisters. Wearing socks and shoes during the summertime can best help prevent this.

If you are noticing corns and blisters on your feet, try out some home remedies such as putting blister pads over the blisters or unmedicated donut pads over the corns. If the blisters are caused by a sunburn, try putting a cold compress or aloe on the blister before applying the bandage.

With living in Louisiana, we experience high levels of humidity and heat in the summer months. Naturally, with these increased levels, swelling in our hands and feet is more common. An easy way to avoid a trip to the podiatrist for swelling would be to cut back on salty food and to make sure you get enough movement and exercise.

Be sure to take care of your feet this summer! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our office.

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