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Make Your Diabetic Foot Care Checklist

January has been National Get Organized month, but even though the month is drawing to a close, you still have spring cleaning just around the corner—and there’s no harm in starting a little bit early. At a time when most people are giving up on this year’s resolutions, organizing your life can be a good way to take charge, particularly for your health. Issues like diabetic foot care can be hard to stay on top of without a little organization. That why simple tasks, like making a foot care checklist, can help you manage problems with diabetes and feet.

Diabetes causes damage throughout your body, including in the lower limbs. Fluctuating blood sugar levels weaken bones, impair nerves, damage your immune system, and put you at risk for life-threatening infections. If you have diabetes, you have to invest in protecting your feet as well as checking them regularly for problems, so you can seek help right away if anything happens.

Organizing all of your diabetic foot care needs into a checklist can help you keep track of everything you have to do for your limbs. Here are a few things to put on your list to help you stay on top of diabetes and feet:

  1. Wash and dry – Every day, wash your feet in warm water with gentle soap. Then pat them dry, particularly between the toes.

  2. Inspect for trouble – Rub your feet to feel for unusual lumps, bumps, or differences in temperature. Look all over your lower limbs for blisters, warts, corns or calluses, cracks, swelling, discoloration, rashes, or signs of infection. Use a mirror or get help to see your soles, too.

  3. Wear good footwear – Wear clean, fitted, moisture-wicking socks and use shoes that have plenty of cushioning and support. Avoid styles that are fashionable but fit poorly.

  4. Get a check-up – Every year, have a completed foot examination to check for complications and issues that might have gone unnoticed. If you find a problem, go in sooner to have it checked.

Staying on track with your diabetic foot care is a critical part of living a healthy life. Don’t wait for problems to arise to invest in proper foot care. Our office would love to help you. Contact Gulf South Foot & Ankle, LLC in Metairie, LA, for an appointment today. Just call (504) 708-4810.

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