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Keep Away Those Fungal Nails on Summer Vacation

With just a couple of weeks to go in August, there’s hardly any summer left—but it’s still hot and Labor Day is still coming. You have time to fit in one last summer getaway. If you go away for a few days, you need to take precautions to avoid developing fungal nails on summer vacation. No one wants to come home from their time off and notice their nails becoming discolored and brittle!

Some simple nail and foot care while you’re away can help you avoid an infection. Make sure you:

  1. Wash Your Feet Daily – Use soap and water every day to scrub away the grime and germs on your skin. Remember to pat them thoroughly dry, particularly between your toes.

  2. Wear the Right Footwear – Use breathable shoes and moisture-wicking socks when you’re out and about. Avoid going barefoot, even on pool decks or in public showers. Instead, wear sandals to protect your toes. Bring multiple pairs of shoes if you can as well, so each has a day to dry between uses.

  3. Clean and Clip Your Nails – Keep your nails trimmed straight across, but don’t cut them too short. Make sure you carefully scrub your nails daily, too.

  4. Pretreat Your Feet – Consider bringing anti-fungal spray or powder to use on your feet and in your shoes every day. This will help eliminate the fungus before it has a chance to infect your limbs.

No one wants to deal with fungal nails on summer vacation. So that doesn’t happen to you, take some simple precautions and head off any infections before they start, so you can enjoy your final weeks of the season. If you do develop an infection, contact Gulf South Foot & Ankle, LLC in Metairie, LA. You can call (504) 708-4810 or send us an online request for an appointment.

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