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It’s Carnival Time, Y’all!!!

It’s time for marching bands, dance groups, and chaperones to hit the streets.  Yes, it is parade time!

We love this time of year and are excited to see what some of the marching groups have in store for us this year.  This blog is for those groups who have spent the last few months diligently preparing to pound the pavement to entertain the crowds and enjoy the revelry.

Some of our favorite groups include the following:

  1. The St. Augustine Marching 100

  2. The Roots of Music

  3. The 610 Stompers

  4. The Camel Toe Lady Steppers

  5. The Pussy Footers

  6. The Cherry Bombs

  7. The Rolling Elvi

  8. The Bearded Oysters

  9. The Organ Grinders

  10. Gris Gris Strut

  11. The Sirens

  12. Disco Amigos

Here’s just a few tips to care for those feet that are sure to take quite a beating over the next two weeks:

  1. Stretch your calves!!!! Especially prior to and immediately following the march, but also during parade rests.

  2. Rub a thin layer of Vaseline on the skin of your feet to prevent friction.

  3. Place strips of Moleskin over bony areas to prevent blisters.

  4. Avoid wearing 100% cotton socks as cotton will remain wet after sweating. Instead, wear socks made of a Dri-fit material.

  5. Add an absorbent powder to your feet & shoes.

  6. Wear a wide toe-box shoe or a size larger to accommodate swelling.

  7. If possible, wear socks under your tights (especially fishnets) to lessen the direct pressure on your toes.

  8. Be sure to trim your toenails straight across to avoid ingrown toenails.



While you’re stepping your way through the streets, try to keep an eye on the pavement. 

Nothing’s worse than rolling your ankle as you try to gracefully avoid stepping in horse droppings or slipping on a bead.  If you do fall victim to a marching injury and develop redness, pain, swelling, bruising, or difficulty walking, apply ice and elevate the affected area as soon as possible.  If these symptoms persist, give us a call to make an appointment so that we can determine the extent of the injury and develop a care plan.

We hope you find these tips helpful and wish you a fun and exciting Mardi Gras Season.  See you on the route!!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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