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Ingrown Toenails Impact Your Game

June is National Great Outdoors Month—a time to encourage people to get outside and enjoy the world. If you’re an athlete, you’ve probably already make a point of going out and being active. This is great for your whole body, including your feet. You may have a hard time doing what you love if you have an ingrown toenail, though. Ingrown toenails impact your foot comfort, especially when wearing shoes, and can make it painful to do the things you love, like sports.

Shoes are common contributors to an ingrown nail, and sports footwear is no exception. If your running shoes, soccer cleats, or any other kind of athletic footwear are too tight or narrow, you risk pinching and curling your nails. Since sports frequently involve hard impacts on your feet, you can damage your nails and cause them to grow into the skin. Sports like soccer that sometimes use the front or tops of the toes to kick a ball have a particular risk for this. 

Once you have nail damage, odds are high that the pain will make it difficult to continue playing or participating in your activity. You use your toes to push off the ground and maintain your balance—both which can put pressure on the painful spots. The nail can also pierce the skin, making your toe more vulnerable to infections and increasing your discomfort. All of this together can make it challenging to play a sport, or at least play it well. 

So, if you’re an athlete enjoying the Great Outdoors Month by hiking or playing your favorite game, pay attention to what your feet are telling you. Ingrown toenails impact your ability to do what you love with comfort. Let our team here at Gulf South Foot & Ankle, LLC take care of your toes and keep you healthy and active. You can request an appointment with our Metairie, LA, office by calling (504) 708-4810 or filling out the online form.

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