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How Does Your New Years Resolution Affect Your Feet?


This is the time of year that we ALL try to start the year with new resolutions. Of course, the most common is working out and eating healthy…right!? I can personally say this is a resolution I make EVERY year.

However, with these new commitments of being a “weekend warrior” one must remember to not push it too fast to quickly.

A common injury when starting a new workout regimen after eating and drinking our way into sedentary bliss after the wonderful holidays, is a stress fracture. Typically, stress fractures occur in the metatarsals (long bones) of the foot. These areas can feel bruised and sore upon walking and at rest. The area of injury can also become slightly swollen and or discolored. This type of injury can be hard to diagnosis by X-rays alone.

I see patients frequently this time of year with this injury and same medial history. A Podiatrist, foot specialist, can provide a thorough examination and proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

These injuries usually take 4-6 weeks and sometimes longer to heal. Therefore, it is important to see a Podiatrist as soon as you feel pain or experience swelling. Stress fractures are treated with a offloading walking boot and or surgical shoe with some form of either soft cast or compressive dressing for stability and to control swelling.

So, as we move forward in this new year, please listen to your body, and remember you are not a thoroughbred at the gate ready to win the race. Take it slow and be consistent about your distance and speed and build weekly upon your routine.

Happy New Year from Gulf South Foot and Ankle!

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