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How Custom Orthotics Help with Heel Pain

There are many different manifestations of heel pain. One person might have plantar fasciitis, another achilles tendinitis, and still another a pinched nerve. However, while all these conditions can vary in terms of where the injury is located, they often share a common bond: bad biomechanics.

Feet, unfortunately, don’t always do a great job absorbing shocks and distributing weight evenly. The problem could be legs that aren’t quite the same length, arches that have partially collapsed, or calves that are just a little too tight. But for all these reasons and more, your heels might be asked to handle more stress than they’re capable of withstanding. This, of course, ultimately leads to pain.

When your heel pain has a structural or biomechanical source, custom orthotics are among the most effective remedies. They are created from a mold of your feet, meaning they’re made just for you. This is precisely to address whatever mechanical flaws your feet may be dealing with.

Unlike off-the-shelf insoles, which merely add a little cushioning, functional custom orthotics will change the way you walk. This, in turn, helps you to establish healthy patterns. For those with significant abnormalities in gait, this may take a little getting used to. However, the benefit is that this treats the source of the problem, rather than just the symptoms.

With the right set of custom orthotics, you may find that your heel pain is greatly reduced, and you’re able to walk, run, work, play sports, and re-engage in many of your favorite activities without being inhibited by pain and discomfort.

Custom Orthotics in Louisiana

Custom orthotics aren’t for everyone, but they are a very versatile treatment option that can offer enormous benefits for a wide variety of heel pain conditions. To learn more about your care options for heel pain, please contact Gulf South Foot & Ankle today. You can reach our Metairie, LA office at (504) 708-4810, or our Covington, LA office at (985) 809-1464.

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