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Help Prevent Wounds Before They Happen

When you live with diabetes, you need to remain vigilant against foot conditions that otherwise healthy people may take for granted. Doing so will help keep you safe and prevent conditions that can turn critical in a short period of time. Gulf South Foot & Ankle is here to help with your diabetic foot care and ensure that you are taking the right steps.

A key component of foot care with diabetes is preventing small problems from turning into serious wounds. It is estimated that, on average, an extremity is amputated every 30 seconds as a result of the complications that accompany diabetes. Most of these start with the development of foot ulcers, and many of those could have been prevented.

Wound care is so important because a foot ulcer starts with a simple breakdown of skin. For those without diabetes, the skin will typically heal in a quick fashion. With this disease, though, your immune system does not function as it should and healing goes much slower. This leads to ulcers and consequent infections.

We want to know that you are safe and able to avoid wounds. Here are some tips to help:

  1. A daily foot inspection will help you to see any damage your foot may have sustained. This is incredibly important if your diabetes has led to nerve damage and you are unable to feel when your skin has been damaged.

  2. If you discover anything out of the ordinary in your foot inspection, contact our office immediately and make an appointment. Calluses, corns, blisters, and any other abnormality can potentially put you at risk. We can help!

  3. Always wear footwear, even when you are at home. Simply stubbing your toe, especially if it is bare, can turn into a major complication. Wearing shoes or protective slippers indoors can aid in preventing wounds in your feet.

  4. Avoid cracked heels and fissures by moisturizing your feet daily. Be careful not to get any moisturizer between your toes, though, as this can promote bacterial growth.

If you are living with this condition, it is important to have a deep understanding of proper diabetic foot care. Gulf South Foot & Ankle, LLC, is your top resource for tips, information, and any foot care or treatment you need. Contact our Metairie, LA office by calling (504) 708-4810 or using our online form to request an appointment today.

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