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Heel Pain Relief In Your Shoe Closet

Sometimes the answer to your heel pain problems is as simple as switching shoes! Take a look in your closet. What do you see? High heels? Your favorite flats you’ve worn for years? Boots that are a bit too tight?  The shoes you’re wearing could be adding to your problem by not providing the cushioning and support you need.

Sounds like it’s time to clean out that closet! Here’s a checklist you can use to decide which shoes should stay, and which should go:

  1. Footwear should fit properly, with a thumb’s width between your toes and the front of your shoes. If they don’t fit, say farewell!

  2. Soles should be rigid and shock absorbent.

  3. Heel counters should be supportive but not stiff.

  4. Shoes should only bend where your toes do. If the bend in other places, time to say goodbye!

  5. Laces are best so you can adjust the snugness.

  6. High heels put your foot in an unnatural position, which can stress your arch and cause heel pain. Keep these for special occasions only. Find a nice spot in the back of the closet.

  7. Flats offer no arch support and should be avoided as well. Say “adios” to the arch-less.

  8. Worn-out shoes can contribute to heel pain since they no longer provide support and shock absorbency. Retire and replace them.

  9. Make sure you have shoes that are appropriate for your activities.

  10. If you just can’t part with your favorite footwear, consider using heel pads or cushions, or custom orthotics, to help provide additional comfort.

Ta da! Now you’ll not only find some relief from your heel pain, but you’ll also have a cleaner closet! What can we say? We’re happy to help!

Remember, your choice of shoes affects your feet, but if you’re feeling pain, it’s always wise to come in and let us assess your problem so we can determine the cause of your heel pain and treat it properly. In the meantime, get to work on that closet!

You can call us if you have questions or need us for any reason.  Contact our Covington, LA office at (985) 809-1464, or our Metairie location at (504) 708-4810.

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