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Good Diabetic Foot Care is a Team Effort

When people work together toward a common goal, they can often achieve far greater results than they could if everybody operated independently. We’d say that bit of truth very much applies to your diabetic foot care!

Diabetes can have a profound impact on your life and lifestyle. Even if you take good care of yourself and remain healthy and active, there are many concerns and considerations you need to be disciplined about. You will also need, from time to time, the assistance and watchful eyes of medical specialists dedicated to helping you manage your disease and maintain your quality of life.

Your care team will, of course, include your primary care physician. It should also include a podiatrist—in other words, a foot and ankle specialist—who can help you treat emerging foot problems and be proactive about managing your risks. Diabetes can be especially devastating for foot and ankle health. Your lower limbs are the most likely to be affected by nerve damage, circulatory problems, wounds and infections. Without proper care, that can even lead to amputations or severe deformations.

One more thing. We mentioned this in our last blog, but it bears repeating: the most important member of your diabetic foot care team is you! Making healthy choices, inspecting your feet at least once per day, and contacting a medical specialist whenever you encounter a problem is the No. 1 way to protect yourself and stay healthy and happy.

At Gulf South Foot & Ankle, we provide advanced, effective care for diabetic foot concerns, including wound care, diabetic shoes, circulatory and nerve testing and treatments, and more. We also coordinate with other members of your care team, including primary care physicians, vascular specialists, nerve specialists, and more to ensure that you get comprehensive, effective care. We are your teammates—let’s work together to keep you on your feet and living your best possible life! To schedule an appointment in Metairie, LA, please call (504) 708-4810. For Covington, LA, dial (985) 809-1464.

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