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Foot care…. It’s not just for adults!

Did you know that even the smallest of patients are prone to common foot conditions?  Yes, even children experience ingrown toenails, heel pain, and plantar warts.

Anyone at any age can develop an ingrown toenail.  It is one of the most common causes of foot pain and will usually occur on the big toe.  An ingrown nail is one which is curled down and growing into the skin.  This area will be red and swollen and may develop drainage.  This condition is painful.  Some causes of ingrown toenails are nails that are cut too short or torn at the corner, tight fitting shoes, or excessive sweating of the feet.  A warm water and Epsom Salt soak may alleviate the pain, but this condition should not go untreated as it could cause infection and other issues.

Heel pain is another common condition in children and adults alike. There are many causes of heel pain; therefore, many treatment options.  The key to treating heel pain is accurately diagnosing the problem. If your child complains of this condition, let our staff guide you to proper treatment by examining his or her feet.

That well-defined thick area of skin on the bottom of your child’s foot or toe, is it a callus or a plantar wart?  There’s a good chance it’s a plantar wart as they are frequently found in children.  These warts are caused by a virus that invades the skin.  They can appear as clusters on the bottom of the foot and are often misdiagnosed as calluses.  There are several treatment options available and will depend on the location, size, patient’s age and activity level.

Call us at 504-708-4810 for an appointment.  Together we can establish the best treatment plan for your child. 

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