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Foot Care for the Race

Spring is right around the corner, which means running season will soon be in full force. Maybe you just started running and are looking for a goal. Perhaps you’ve been running for a while and considering a race. Or maybe you’re a veteran runner looking for the next big event. New Orleans’ annual Crescent City Classic 10k is coming up on April 19 and may be the event you’re looking for. Even the staff at Gulf South Foot & Ankle will be participating in the event as well as the CCC expo happening the Thursday and Friday before the race! Whether you’ve done races before or not, though, you need to prepare your feet in advance.

Foot care for a race is extremely important. You need to make sure your feet are able to handle the strain. Condition your lower limbs by doing foot exercises in addition to your regular runs. Toe raises, calf raises, towel pulls, and grabbing objects with your toes strengthens the small muscles that support your feet. Calf and plantar stretches help your tissues maintain their range of motion. Don’t forget to regularly clean and moisturize your feet to avoid dry, cracking skin, which could lead to blisters.

Inspect your shoes, too. Whether your wear traditional trainers or minimalist footgear, wear and tear can lead to overuse injuries. Consider investing in a new pair of shoes a little while before a race so you have time to run in them before the big day. Don’t take your sock choice for granted, either. Look for fitted socks that wick moisture away from the skin. If you run with orthotics, make sure yours will fit comfortably in the foot gear.

If you’re ready to try the next level of running—an event—don’t forget that foot care for a race is an important part of training. How you treat your foundation before the big day can make a difference between being ready and injury free and trying to run with painful feet. If you’re concerned about how to prepare for a running event, or are struggling with foot pain already, contact the experts here at Gulf South Foot & Ankle, LLC in Metairie for help. Call (504) 708-4810 or fill out the online contact form to reach us.

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