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Fall is Here, Yet We Still Have Hot, Humid Days

The Fall is here and yet we are still getting those hot humid days of Summer. The cooler weather was a nice reprieve from the sweltering heat. That cool front saved us locally here in Nola from the terrible Hurricane Irma. However, our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected inFlorida and other areas. Through these last days of Summer we must still remember to drink plenty of fluids and protect ourselves from the heat. I was coaching my son’s soccer team this past weekend and several kids had headaches from the heat and were quickly dehydrated. Also, this time of year we see a lot of pediatric ingrown toenails due to kids wearing different styles of cleats. Remember parents to have your child’s shoe sized properly and can use toe spacers between the 1st  and 2nd toe while in the cleats to take pressure off the toenails. An ingrown toenail can be very painful and if the area becomes red, hot, swollen or draining. Please make an appointment with our office to get it taken care of before it gets worse.  We offer same and next day appointments for issues like this.

Covington: 985-809-1464  71121 Hwy 21

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