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Exercising with Morton’s Neuroma

This year, April 21 – 27 is Medical Fitness Week. Whether you already love working out and staying fit, or you’re just starting a healthy routine, get out and get active! This week is a great excuse to focus on an important—and frequently neglected—area of your health: your feet. When they hurt, your ability to stay active is compromised. Exercising with Morton’s neuroma can be painful and severely limit your activities, but you don’t have to completely forego fitness week.

Hard impacts against the ground can aggravate this nerve problem between your third and fourth toes. Morton’s neuroma can make it challenging to participate in many activities like running. Fortunately, cross-training with low-impact exercises can help you stay active while avoiding the pain.

Swimming and bicycling work your feet without pressing against the swollen nerve in the ball of your foot. For swimming, you have to use your lower limbs to propel yourself through the water. Cycling does press on the feet somewhat, but without the sharp, sudden landings of a jog. Both of these sports are cardiovascular exercises that are excellent for your overall health as well.

Nerve pain in your feet doesn’t have to spell the end of your activities. Exercising with Morton’s neuroma will mean making changes to your routines, even if that means just using different footwear rather than switching sports altogether. If you’re struggling to stay active because of lower limb discomfort, don’t give up on what you love—contact Gulf South Foot & Ankle, LLC here in Metairie, LA, for an appointment or more information to deal with your nerve damage. Use our website contact form or call (504) 708-4810 to reach our office.

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