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Don’t Risk Ulcers – Wear Good Shoes

Taking risks can be thrilling. After all, that’s why people go sky diving. Risks can inspire an adrenaline rush that feels great and brings people back for more. Other times, however, risks are not thrilling and definitely not worth taking. When you have diabetes, you have much greater, and definitely not exciting, risk for foot ulcers. These wounds can keep you off your feet for weeks and create terrible complications. The good news is that diabetic shoes or orthotics can actually decrease this unwanted risk and make your lower limbs safer.

Ulcers arise when there’s continued pressure on an area of skin that breaks down. When you have diabetes, all it takes is friction on blisters or weight on tiny cuts. Just standing and walking around can be enough pressure to cause a problem. Diabetic shoes and custom orthotics help your feet by alleviating some of the normal pressure, shock, and impact of daily activities.

They work by cushioning and supporting your lower limbs and distributing pressure evenly through the different areas of your feet. This reduces some of the normal shock to your feet from walking. In some cases, special shoes and custom orthotics can help you accommodate deformities that may arise. Hammertoes, claw toes, and similar problems can make wearing normal footwear difficult and uncomfortable, and can apply ulcer-causing pressure to parts of your feet. Some conditions, like Charcot foot, can lead to serious changes in foot shape and much weaker lower limbs that also increase your risk for wounds. You need special shoes or orthotics if you have diabetes complications like these.

Because this kind of footwear is so specialized, it will have to be prescribed for your unique feet. Our team at Gulf South Foot & Ankle, LLC can help you get the fit and style you need. Don’t wait for wounds to appear on your feet before wearing the kind of footwear that will protect you. Prevent the damage first. Make an appointment today at our Metairie, LA, office by calling (504)-708-4810 or by using our online form.

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