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Don’t Just Sleep Off the Turkey

A common side effect of consuming lots of turkey is sleepiness, so it’s not a surprise that many people settle down for a nap after a big Thanksgiving meal. However, giving in to the drowsiness isn’t your healthiest option, particularly if you have a condition like diabetes. It may feel good to sleep now, but the lasting effects of exercising instead, particularly for diabetic feet, is better in the long run. There are plenty of safe, post-meal ways to exercise for people living with diabetes.

Exercise is extremely important for anyone living with diabetes. It improves circulation and helps maintain your muscles and stability in your lower limbs. It decreases your risk for stroke and other heart problems. It controls cholesterol and can improve weight issues. It also benefits your metabolism and helps your body remove the sugar in your blood. All in all, it’s an important part of living a healthy life—and it’s all the more important after meals like Thanksgiving dinner.

The key is to exercise safely. Warm up for a few minutes before doing any kind of exercise, and finish your activities with a cool-down routine. Stay hydrated before, during, and after your activities. Make sure you’re wearing the right kinds of socks and shoes to protect your lower limbs. Don’t push yourself beyond what you can handle. If it’s painful, or you can’t breathe, stop and slow down. Check your feet carefully after you exercise, too.

The best thing is to stick to diabetes-safe activities that allow you to be active but probably won’t damage your feet. Walking is ideal, and can easily be done with your whole family after your meal. Other low-impact activities like riding a bike or doing some weight training are options. Check with your health team to determine what are the best exercise options for you.

Taking care of your lower limbs is important for living a healthy life with diabetes. Exercise is a vital part of this, so don’t take it for granted. If you’re struggling to exercise safely, the Gulf South Foot & Ankle, LLC team can help you establish a plan for activities. Make an appointment at our Metairie, LA, office today to take care of your feet. Just call (504) 708-4810 or use the online form to reach us.

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