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Diabetes and Your Feet

Diabetes is fast becoming an epidemic with over 25 million diabetics nationwide and growing. Here in Louisiana, with our delicious food and tendencies toward excess, the obesity problem has made us the nation’s leader in diabetes.

Diabetes causes many health issues, including eye problems, kidney disease, and foot conditions. Neurological and vascular problems in the feet often lead to diabetic foot ulcers; which, if left untreated, can lead to infection or even amputation.

At Gulf South Foot & Ankle, we have a Certified Wound Care Specialist who is board certified by the American College of Clinical Wound Specialists. Furthermore, we have a wound care center on site capable of handling wounds of all stages. Our physicians have state of the art testing equipment at their finger tips to check for vascular or neurological issues that are so prevalent in the diabetic community.

Some of the conditions that are so very common in diabetics include the following:

  1. Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

  2. Hammertoes and Calluses

  3. Peripheral Vascular Disease

  4. Diabetic Ulcers

  5. Fungal Toenails

Here at Gulf South Foot & Ankle, we are dedicated to supporting the American Diabetes Association to help provide patient education to the people of our community. In fact, on November 2nd, the staff of Gulf South Foot & Ankle and their friends and family members will participate in the 2013 Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes at Audubon Park. We are still recruiting members to join our team. Our goal is to have 50 participants to walk with the GSFA team in support of the American Diabetes Association. If you are interested in joining our team, click here, then click the red “JOIN THIS TEAM” button and follow the prompts. All participants will be given a Gulf South Foot & Ankle t-shirt to be worn on the day of the walk and Gulf South Foot & Ankle will make a donation on their behalf.

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