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Cheering on Good Foot Fracture Recovery

Cheerleading is a dangerous sport. That might surprise you at first, but it’s true. Competitive cheerleaders tumble, flip, and throw each other in the air. A single mistake could result in a serious injury, like a broken ankle or foot. March is Cheerleading Safety Month, which highlights the importance of safety measures and good health in this impressive sport. Part of being safe—for this sport and any other high-impact activities—is recovering properly after a fracture of any kind. Jumping back into sports too soon is a great way to cause extra injuries.

Any of the bones in your feet or ankles could break, from your toes to your heels. All it takes is for you to trip, fall, collide with something or someone, drop something heavy on your foot, or stub a toe. The sudden force breaks the bone, leaving you in pain and unable to support weight properly.

Healing a foot fracture means taking time off from sports and wearing a cast or special boot to keep your foot still while it mends. Bones have to be kept immobile during this tenuous time, so the fractured pieces can join back together. They also have to be properly aligned. If the bones in your broken ankle or foot were dislocated at all, they will have to be manipulated back into place before your limb is casted.

Time in a cast isn’t all that has to happen to fully recover, however. Once the cast comes off, you can’t just jump back into cheerleading or any other sport. Your bones are still not at their full strength—and after several weeks being held completely still, your muscles and connective tissues won’t be, either. Your lower limbs have to be rehabilitated to handle the strain of sports again. This will mean several weeks, possibly months, of therapy. You’ll work to regain your range of motion, limb flexibility, and overall strength. Many times therapy can even be tailored to help you get back to your sports.

No one enjoys a broken foot or ankle. The right recovery, however, can help you transition from the sideline to a cheer competition—or whatever else you like to do. Don’t leave your healing to chance! Let the Gulf South Foot & Ankle, LLC experts help you. Call (504) 708-4810 to make an appointment with us.

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