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Best Pedicure Tips for Diabetic Feet

Hot summer weather means more people want to keep their feet cool in sandals. Most want to put their best foot forward, too. Pedicures are a great way to do this, though they come with some risk. If you have diabetes, even that slight risk is bad for your feet. This doesn’t mean you have to give up pedicures altogether, however. These simple pedicure tips for diabetic feet can help you keep your lower limbs safe while you pamper them.

Always investigate a potential salon before committing to an appointment. This typically means an in-person visit beforehand. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. All soak tubs must be completely drained and disinfected between clients.

  2. All tools should be cleaned with high-grade disinfectant after use. If the cleaning solution isn’t strong enough, consider bringing your own tools that you can clean at home. You could save yourself from toenail fungus with this small precaution. 

  3. Check the state of the floors and bathrooms in the salon. If they are dirty, that may indicate low cleanliness standards.

  4. Make sure the nail technicians are all licensed. Ask if they have experience with diabetic feet.

When you make an appointment, follow these guidelines for protection:

  1. Don’t shave your legs for several days before the appointment.

  2. Warn your nail tech that you have diabetes and ask him or her to be gentle.

  3. Your soak water cannot be too hot. Water temperatures should be between 90-95 degrees.

  4. You can’t have sharp implements used on your feet. No razors for calluses or cuticle clippers at all.

  5. Ask the nail tech not to rub lotion in between your toes.

Since your feet are so vulnerable when you have diabetes, it is absolutely vital to establish a good foot and nail care routine to protect them. If you have any kind of open wound or injury, avoid salons all together and ask an expert podiatry team, like ours at Gulf South Foot & Ankle, LLC, to clean up your feet. If you’re concerned about going to a salon, or think you may have an infection, contact us for care. Call (504)-708-4810 or submit our online form to reach our Metairie, LA, office.

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