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Avoiding a Fungal Infection in Summer Heat

May means heat and humidity, especially here in Louisiana. The air gets heavy and everyone sweats. Fortunately, warm weather also means wearing summer sandals and enjoying a cool pool swim. New Orleans has a number of public pools where you can beat the heat. Unfortunately, sweaty warmth and public pools also put you at risk for a fungal infection, like athlete’s foot.

Athlete’s foot makes your feet uncomfortable and damages your skin. The pathogen that causes it thrives in warm, damp places like pools and locker rooms, where most people walk barefoot. The infection can be hard to eliminate and easy to pass onto others, too. Preventing the problem from developing in the first place is much better for your feet than recovering from it. You can take steps to avoid a foot fungal infection and keep your lower limbs healthy and clear, even in the heat:

  1. Make sure you wash your feet every day with soap and water.

  2. Use anti-fungal powders or sprays to pre-treat your feet.

  3. Dry your feet thoroughly, especially between the toes.

  4. Wear shower shoes or water sandals in public pools or locker rooms to avoid direct contact with high-risk surfaces.

  5. Don’t share footwear with others, especially if they have any type of fungal infection.

  6. Change your socks every day—several times a day if your feet sweat a lot.

Athlete’s foot is an uncomfortable infection that damages the surface of your skin. You aren’t doomed to develop the problem if you enjoy a day at the pool or any other public place, though. You can take steps to protect your lower limbs and avoid foot fungus. If you’re concerned about anything on your feet, or think you may have already developed an infection, contact Gulf South Foot & Ankle, LLC here in Metairie, LA. You can request an appointment with us by calling (504)-708-4810 or by using our online contact page.

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