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Are your feet ready for the cozy fall weather?

Going from sandals and flip flops to booties and boots? Have you thought about your feet and the affect the weather change can have on them? Well good thing we are here to give you the best advice for the cozy fall weather!

Like most people, the summer sun and Louisiana heat had us running around the pool and board walks in flip flops or even barefoot. The reality is, this takes a hefty toll on the soles of your feet, causing peeling, cracked heels, and corns and calluses. The best way to prepare your summer feet for the fall is to make them soft again. Rubbing baby oil and using moisturizer daily can help maintain the softness your feet need.

Socks! Wearing socks at all times is very important in the weather change. Socks help keep your feet dry and warm. This means to sleep in socks, wear them around the house, and be sure to wear them with your shoes. Avoid wearing too heavy of socks that make your feet too snug in your shoes.

Avoid letting your feet become wet and cold for long periods of time. This is the most important rule of the cold weather. Letting this happen to your feet can cause a loss in circulation and nerve function. Depriving your feet of the oxygen and nutrients that blood flow provides is very dangerous. It can cause a loss of nerve function and symptoms such as pain is less noticeable.

The takeaway from this blog on how to keep your feet cozy and safe in the fall, colder weather are to keep your feet soft, dry, and warm. To achieve this best; moisturize, wear socks, and do not go barefoot outside or without socks on. This will help keep your feet from being cold and wet, which will cause numbness and a lack of blood flow.

If you notice chronic swollen feet and ankles or any abnormalities, do not hesitate to contact your doctor at Gulf South Foot and Ankle!

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