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April Showers Bring May Flowers

This time of year is usually a mix of rain, sun and warmer weather. The moisture all around can tend to lead to moisture in our shoes. This dark and moist environment in our shoes can lead to a problem known as Tinea Pedis. This is commonly referred as athlete’s foot. Common signs and symptoms are redness, pealing skin on the bottom of the foot or between toes, itching and even a burning sensation at times. Sometimes, blisters may develop as well, named Vesicular Tinea Pedis. This condition can easily be treated with airing out shoes and feet. Your podiatrist can prescribe topical anti-fungal creams/gels and or a medicated soak to relieve these symptoms.  Also, using an over the counter product such as Zeasorb to your shoes daily and changing socks to a more breathable material can help to reduce moisture in shoes. In worst case scenarios bacterial infections can accompany these type of fungal skin issues and you may need to be prescribed an oral antibiotic. Call today for an appointment with Gulf South Foot and Ankle for a consultation.

Happy Spring Ya’ll!

Dr. Charles Caplis

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