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A Busy Person’s Guide to Easing Pump Bump Pain

Most people don’t have a lot of extra free time to take a break and give their feet the restful care they need for painful problems like a pump bump. You have too much else to worry about at your job, at home, and with your friends or hobbies. You’re just on the go too much. Fortunately, there are ways even the busiest of people can address Haglund’s deformity pain in their lives without taking tons of time out of their schedules.

Easing pump bump pain is something many people can do on their own. Once you know your discomfort really is from Haglund’s deformity, you have many options for making sure it doesn’t control your life or keep you on the sidelines. Here are just a few ways you can fit keeping your feet comfortable into a busy schedule:

  1. Change your shoes – Avoid wearing styles with stiff, rigid heel backs, particularly pumps and some dress shoes. Instead, find a style with softer or even open backs to relieve pressure on the bump.

  2. Try heel pads – Put a cushioned pad between your heels and the backs of your shoes to alleviate pressure and friction there.

  3. Ice the bump on breaks – When you’re sitting and watching TV or using the computer, ice your heels to reduce swelling and painful inflammation.

  4. Stretch it out – Quick, daily Achilles tendon stretches can help reduce some of the tendon stress that may be contributing to your pump bump problem.

The good news is that the majority of Haglund’s deformity pain responds to treatments like these that you can easily do on your own time. Persistent pain that resists this kind of treatment may need more in-depth care, including custom orthotics to better support your lower limbs. That will mean finding time for an appointment, but making room for that in your schedule is still better than allowing the pain to keep you from your life.

Don’t wait for that point to hit, though. Our team at Gulf South Foot & Ankle, LLC, is here to help you. You can contact us for more information about pump bump care through our website or by calling our Metairie, LA, office at (504) 708-4810 today. Live your busy life without worrying that your feet will hurt.

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