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5 Tips for Handling Rheumatoid Arthritis at Home

Few things are as enjoyable as going outside and enjoying a lovely fall day. The days when the sun is shining and temperatures are no longer unbearably hot make perfect afternoons to go out. However, when you live with rheumatoid arthritis pain, going out and enjoying these lovely days can be difficult. Fortunately, home treatments can help you care for your joints and stay mobile, even with the disease.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a degenerative autoimmune disease that attacks the lining in your joints. Over time, this damage causes inflammation, swelling, and tissue deterioration in your joints, which makes them painful, achy, and difficult to use. The more the damage progresses, the stiffer you joint becomes, further restricting your range of motion.

The good news is, of course, that early and intense treatments can slow down the disease and relieve your pain. Some of this treatment is medication, some of it is therapy, but some treatments are things you can do at home. Home care helps you reduce and control your pain while maintaining your mobility.

Here are a few tips for handling your rheumatoid arthritis pain at home:

  1. Apply hot and cold packs – Heat relaxes stiff tissues, while cold reduces swelling. Alternate hot and cold packs to soothe your joints.

  2. Get up and move – Exercise may seem difficult, but it’s your friend with arthritis! Careful and low-impact exercise helps to maintain joint stability, strength, and range of motion.

  3. Wear the right shoes – Shoes are important for cushioning and support. Wear the right kinds, or use orthotics or braces to reduce pressure on painful joints.

  4. Relax and de-stress – Relaxing is an important part of reducing pain. Take time for yourself and practice de-stressing.

  5. Stay healthy – Eat good foods and maintain a healthy weight to improve foot health overall.

Rheumatoid arthritis can be a difficult disease, but active home care can help you manage it and alleviate discomfort, so you can stay mobile and independent.

Our team at Gulf South Foot & Ankle, LLC is happy to help you establish a home care plan for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis to supplement your other treatments. Don’t take your joints for granted. Invest in your feet today. Contact our Metairie, LA, office for an appointment to get started, or for more information about your feet and arthritis. You can reach us by phone at (504) 708-4810 or through our online contact page.

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